Ojodu and its environs Community Art Development Program

Ojodu and its environs which include Ogba, Agege, Isheri, Ajuwon and other small villages are boundary communities between Lagos and Ogun States in the western part of Nigeria. The success of the Community Art Development depend on the success of the programs mentioned above. A well developed art community will create awareness of art practice among the people of these communities. It will help and encourage the art students in their school works. It will create job opportunities for the unemployed. It will boost the morale of the artists residing in the communities. The opening of the art market and other job opportunities will enhance and improve the image of the areas involved. The attraction of people from different walks of life that the art practice will bring to the area will boost the tourism of the communities. It will enhance and develop the economic lives of the people in general.

Out of the many Programs we have for Ojodu Community Art Development, only Ojodu Art Show we were able to feature this year. The exhibition fielded five artists in different media in July 4, to July 11, 2009. The Show was organized and sponsored by Baroyet Art Studio & Gallery. With the moral support of Organizations such as SOCIETY OF NIGERIAN ARTISTS LAGOS STATE BRANCH, ART GALLERIES ASSOCIATION OF NIGERIA, ART ZERO GROUP AND LAGOS STATE COUNCIL OF ART AND CULTURE, IT WAS A HUGE SUCCESS.The Show was the first of its kind in the area. About four Nigerian Newspapers reported it.

Ojodu Community Art Development Programs Include:

  1. Honoring Our Masters – Whereby the students of secondary institution interact with elderly artists through questions and answers. The elders also give words of advice to the students.
  2. Working With The Masters – Allows the artists who are masters in their media to demonstrate to students of the secondary institution in the above areas. They later work together on the medium. The slide show of the master artist personal works will be relayed to the students.
  3. Ojodu Art Show – Is an exhibition of paintings, sculptures, ceramics and crafts. It fields the works of the artists in Ojodu and its environs in particular, and artists from other parts of the nation. All these programs are to be done annually for the success of the Community Art Development.

Our Projection next year is to feature all the programs. This will enable us to carry students along in our mission. We would need sponsors for the success of these programs. For more information,please visit www.Baroyet.com

Olodu and its environs community art development is a program initiated by Baroyet Art Studio & Gallery. The mission is to create job opportunities in the area of art for the teeming jobless youths in these communities and also to encourage art appreciation by the adult population.

Baroyet Art Studio & Gallery is situated at 12, Odozi Street, Ojodu. It was established in December 15, 2007,The owner is an artist in metal embossing, and textile designing. Her studio runs many other programs that could encourage youths to do art. and create job for them. Two of the programs already launched are: Free Demonstrations of the works done in the Studio, and On-the-job-training for interested youths,and adults.

Saturday Jumbo Art sales Exhibition and Baroyet Book Club. Saturday Jumbo Art Sales Exhibition will encourage youth artists to showcase their works for sale. Baroyet Book club will encourage artists and non-artists to make use of the books in resource center in the Gallery to upgrade their level of understanding in art, craft, and general information. This is in line with our belief that Knowledge is Light. It brings about self realization and builds self confidence. The resource center contains books on art, craft, and general information including international magazines.