The artist Bolatito Adikat Oyetunji started her career as an artist in Brunei, South East Asia in 1981. She specialized in Metal Embossing (copper tooling) and Batik. She returned to her home country of Nigeria in 1982. She has done a lot of works in both media since then. Some of the works include Flower (1982), Village Scene, The Elephants, Dignity of labor (1984), Hausa Yam Pounder, Market Scene (1986), Na You Sabi, New Yam Festival (1995) The drummer and his instruments, Durba, Sophisticated lady (1997), Amuludun (Entertainers) (2000), Wood Pecker Bird (2001),Okada (2002). These works are available in copper metal embossing. In 2001, she worked as Artist-in -residence at Dr. Bruce Onobrakpeya Studio in Nigeria. She acquired the knowledge of Printmaking while there. Thus Amuludun (Entertainers), Wood Pecker Bird and Okada were recreated in Plastograph form.

Inspiring an art movement that will be a legacy for future generations is her dream. To accomplish this, she established Baroyet Art Studio & Gallery in December 2007 to serve as a base for training others in metal embossing art works, textile designs, and bead jewelry making while also provide an outlet for students and other artists to create and exhibit and market their works.


Baroyet Art Studio & Gallery was registered as a company with the name Baroyet Art Studio Limited in June, 2007. One of its objectives is to build, acquire, provide, equip, and maintain art galleries and other premises suitable for displaying, storing, making and dealing in artistic works and to buy, sell, import, export, supply and otherwise deal in artistic works whether classified as painting, drawings sketching, pictures, photographs etchings, engravings sculptures, carvings or otherwise.


The mission is to introduce metal embossing works of art to homes, offices and other establishments. This mission has led to the production of unique designs spanning cultural, religious, horticultural, and wildlife themes that are custom made to meet individual’s interests and passions. It is also a priority to promote art in the community where the Gallery is located through training, exhibitions and workshops for artists, non-artists and students.


We custom -make, collect and market various forms of artwork including metal embossing, paintings, yarn on board, photographs, and other artistic works.

Other products available are:

  • Custom hand -made gifts such as unique custom fabric designs and exquisite bead jewelry
  • Fabrics designed for curtains and soft furnishings for interior decoration
  • Organizing exhibitions and workshops for students, artists, and non-artists.

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